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  • Q1. Should I have to be membership before placing an order??

    We use the information we collected from you when you registered. In order to keep the record what the products you purchased and quickly process your transactions. You could enjoy more online service only if you log in.

  • Q2. Payment Methods?

    You can pay for your LCH purchases using: (a)Cash on delivery (b)Credit Card (installment payment adapted over NTD5,000) LCH does not hold any credit card details. All credit card transactions are directly being processed by bank. (c)Pay-at-pickup service at convenience store With maximum amount

  • Q3. Other Service?

    You can also place your order over the phone, or by purchase order fax to save your valuable time. You are suggested to register as our LCH member for more benefit that only membership possesses.

  • Q1. Invoice issues?

    Each order are open bivalent type invoices, and send with the goods, if the opening of the triple Formula invoice needs, please fill out the rise in orders, statistics compiled。

  • Q1. When can I expect to receive my order??

    2~3 working days after the order is confirmed (Taiwan Island, Outlying Islands), and goods will be received within 7~14 working days (overseas). However, in case of special delivery situation, temporary shortage or delay in shipment, we will also inform the customer.
    If you have not received the goo

  • Q2. Delivery Notice?

    2~3 working days (Taiwan Island, Outlying Islands) will be confirmed after the order is confirmed, and goods will be received within 7~14 working days (overseas area). However, in case of special delivery situation, temporary shortage or delay in shipment, we will also inform the customer. All the p

  • Q3. Overseas purchase??

    You can ship it!! Please pay attention to the following precautions for overseas shipping. 1 The overseas member's delivery party is [EMS mailing], in order to ensure the smooth delivery process, Please fill in the receipt information: English name, full English address, E-MAIL, local contact number

  • Q1. Return Policy?

    If you have changed your mind after the product has been shipped to you and wish to return it, you may do so within 7 days of receipt items, provided the product is un-opened and the packaging remains in the original state. The cost of shipping the product back to us will be absorbed by us. No refun

  • Q1. How long can eat a box? A pack it every day?

    A box of 30 packets - a package 2g, a pack a day at bedtime works best, maintenance of the body is really very simple oh!

  • Q2. Are there side effects after taking ask?

    Please be assured that absolutely no side effects.

  • Q3. How to eat LCH lactobacillus it?

    Fine powder directly into the mouth or in the way of taking the brewing water or milk, fruit juice can also be added ~ ※ Little reminder → water temperature shall be 43 ° C or less, do not order more than 43 degrees of hot brew to keep the lactic acid bacteria - easy to carry, at any time convenient

  • Q4. If the baby is less than one year old, if you can eat it?

    Just take one and a half years old package, the best bedtime Oh ~ direct oral or add water, juice, milk, water temperature can not exceed more than 43 degrees Oh, we must take a long-term Oh !!

  • Q5. Lactic acid bacteria with probiotics are the same?

    Lactic acid bacteria with probiotics is the same yo ~

  • Q6. Need to take medication interval?

    Interval of half an hour you can, in unwell can take two packages, you can increase the body of good bacteria, C bacteria helpful for the body.

  • Q7. Why should bedtime??

    Dominates the human body and visceral organs and sympathetic autonomic nervous system (nerves during the day) and parasympathetic (night nerves) to maintain a balance of - life activities autonomy. Human activities and when nervous, sympathetic heart adrenaline is secreted advantage flapping number,

  • Q8. Eating right has diarrhea is normal?

    Before taking the situation is not? The first few days after taking the situation? Pay attention Oh, now including stomach flu, if not cold, sick, basically, just to eat for a week will be adjusted after the start of normal.

  • Q9. Why should recommend a daily supplement of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacilli)?

    Although he did not dependence, but our schedule is not normal, stress, diet and health, environmental toxins, will result in a reduction of bacteria, so to add.

  • Q10. Lactobacillus market products, such as yogurt, yogurt or lactic acid drinks, whether it can bring he?

    Lactobacillus is just a generic term, like washing powder like. Its various brands of detergent washing effect varies; the second point: It should be noted that the viable lactic acid must be in order to play its magical effect in the body. According to empirical studies, lactic acid bacteria in liq

  • Q11. Vegetarians can eat it lactobacillus?

    It already exists in the human body, even if do not eat fruits and vegetables in their daily lactic acid will eat some of the lactic acid bacteria. Easy vegetarian nutritional imbalance, especially long-term vegan, lactic acid bacteria can help digestion and absorption of nutrients, in order to achi

  • Q12. Consultative Service?

    If you have comments, concerns, or need more information on our products, please contact hua@jt-comatz or telephone 0800-215-599。(Lines are open between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday except Holidays)

  • Q13. Is it necessary to always Lactobacillus long-term consumption??

    Lactobacillus no side effects, but it does not produce dependence. You can be completely based on their physical condition and to increase or decrease consumption, to improve health. Another flip side, long-term eating lactobacillus like sports, should be done consistently, there is no so-called hea

  • Q14. ?