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  • Each sachet contains more than 10 billion of beneficial Lactobacillus C bacteria
  • More than 100 natural plant enzymes
  • The enzyme strains are certified by the 24 other countries
  • Low-calorie, bio-available, nutritious, and zero health burden
  • Imported directly from Japan, stored with freeze-drying technology
  • 5 pcs / Box
  • NT$499
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Lowest Per x1NT$ 499
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Product Description





LCH Lactobacillus Enzyme Added


LCH Lactobacillus Casei Hata increases beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Its enzymes adjust the body metabolism, and is the key to balancing the body’s health.

One daily sachet of LCH Lactobacillus Casei Hata strain + enzymes is your indispensable nutritional protection.


Why add extra enzymes?

* Modern life is busy. people often lack of proper nutritional supplements.

*  With inconsistent meal times, our intake of vegetables and fruits is often inadequate.

*   This results in poor body metabolism and even inconsistent defication.

“All food and nutrients must react with enzymes to produce energy. So,

in addition to nutritious and healthy food, the body needs enzymes to help absorb and use it.”


Easy to take


The lightweight sachets are easy to carry. The fine powder can be poured directly into the mouth and ingested just like that.

It can also be dissolved in water or drinks. For the lactic acid bacteria to reach the digestive tract alive,

the temperature should not exceed 43°C.


Under one year old: half a sachet per day

Over one year old and adults: one sachet per day

When uncomfortable, two to three sachets may be taken