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LCH Lactobacillus For pets x 1 BOX

  • Imported from Japan
  • US FDA + has more than 24 national patents + SGS test
  • A pack a day, maintenance of the body is very simple!
  • The average day as long as 20 yuan, you can eat for two months
  • Each jar of LCH sell pet lactobacillus, donated 10 yuan to needy Mao Haizi (stray animals Garden)
  • 60日份(60匙)
  • NT$1,280
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Lowest Per x1NT$ 1,200
1BOX NT $1280NT$ 1,280(1,280) 2BOXES NT $2540NT$ 1,270(2,540)
3BOXES NT $3780NT$ 1,260(3,780) 4BOXES NT $5000NT$ 1,250(5,000)
5BOXES NT $6200NT$ 1,240(6,200) 6BOXES NT $7380NT$ 1,230(7,380)
7BOXES NT $8540NT$ 1,220(8,540) 8BOXES NT $9680NT$ 1,210(9,680)
9BOXES NT $10800NT$ 1,200(10,800) Discount Info

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