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LCH Pure Collagen Ex

  • Made in Japan under the strictest quality control
  • Natural seawater fish skin without additives.
  • Low molecular for great bio-availability.
  • Zero-calorie, low-fat, no other burden.
  • Easy and convenient to use and ingest.
  • 130g/1PCS
  • NT$1,980
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Lowest Per PCSNT$ 1,980
1BOX NT $1980NT$ 1,980(1,980) 2BOX NT $3940NT$ 1,980(3,960)
3BOX NT $5880NT$ 1,980(5,940) 4BOX NT $7840NT$ 1,980(7,920)
5BOX NT $9750NT$ 1,980(9,900) 6BOX NT $11640NT$ 1,980(11,880)
7BOX NT $13510NT$ 1,980(13,860) 8BOX NT $15360NT$ 1,980(15,840)
9BOX NT $17190NT$ 1,980(17,820) Discount Info

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