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LCH Pure Collagen Ex

  • Made in Japan under the strictest quality control
  • Natural seawater fish skin without additives.
  • Low molecular for great bio-availability.
  • Zero-calorie, low-fat, no other burden.
  • Easy and convenient to use and ingest.
  • 43DAYS / PAG x 1 PAG
  • NT$1,980
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Lowest Per BAGNT$ 1,900
1BAG NT $1980NT$ 1,980(1,980) 2BAGS NT $3940NT$ 1,970(3,940)
3BAGS NT $5800NT$ 1,960(5,880) 4BAGS NT $7800NT$ 1,950(7,800)
5BAGS NT $9700NT$ 1,940(9,700) 6BAGS NT $11580NT$ 1,930(11,580)
7BAGS NT $13440NT$ 1,920(13,440) 8BAGS NT $15280NT$ 1,910(15,280)
9BAGS NT $17100NT$ 1,900(17,100) Discount Info


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Product Description




Natural ocean fish

From carefully selected natural ocean fish caught near the port of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada,

with excellent water quality, which guarantees the highest quality and zero-pollution collagen.

 Concentrated without addtitves

No added flavorings. 300 kg of fish only yields 10 kg of fish skin,

from which the essence is extracted.

The highest concentration of fish skin collagen is only 1 kg. So,

each mouthful is chockful of collagen


Completely zero fat, low molecular, good bio-availability, light burden on the body