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LCH wishing you happy New Year ~ ON SALE
New Year Gift Offer
Offer Period: 2016/01/28 ~ 2016/02/14


Buy 10 boxes of lactic acid bacteria ferment LCH add (Price NTD38000 Price NTD28800)
Get 3 boxes LCH lactic acid bacteria (Price NTD9600 Price NTD6540)


Buy five boxes LCH lactic acid bacteria ferment add (Price NTD19000 Price NTD14700)
Get a box LCH lactic acid bacteria (Price NTD3200 Price NTD2200)


 Buy 10 boxes LCH lactic acid bacteria (Price NTD32000 Price NTD21000)
Get 3 package LCH collagen (Price NTD9000 Price NTD5880)


Buy five boxes LCH lactic acid bacteria (Price NTD11000 Price NTD10800)
Get a package LCH collagen (Price 3000 Price NTD1980)



As long !!! Where to buy during the event that is to Get LCH scratch volume + discount 100 yuan Oh ~
  Scratch all the most awards of prizes ~ !!! (Recolte Smilie baker muffin machine)


Award description:
Step 2 scratchcard prize ☆ Gifts: heart
Step one, please fill in the information scanning QR CODE
Step two, the winners and scratch upload photo
LCH Lactobacillus fan page
Step three, is set to open
● problem with the way the award, please contact Customer Service
※ LINE ID: lchhata
※ Customer Service Tel: 0800-215-599
※ FB Fan Page: LCH lactobacillus
☆ Gifts 3 discount volume usage: heart
※ The volume must be stamped after the Company chapters and responsible person is not effective
※ This volume is suitable for the next purchase, 2016/12/31 annual deadline to apply.
※ With roll call 0800-215-599 purchase, volume discount inform numbers, spending two thousand can redeem 100 yuan, and so on.
※ can not be discounted, I am afraid can not be combined with other discounts.
※ LCH discount volume use, purchase service hotline 0800-215-599.