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LCH lactic acid from Japan, so that children volunteered drinking milk, turned the little guy!


Children's health has been the most important issue parents,
Taiwan many children because the air is not very good,
And there are a lot of problems,
LCH lactic acid from Japan to make adults feel comfortable,
Itself quite believe that the Japanese product.

LCH has 30 billion lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus


Inside is a small package,
Access is easy,
Even if the parents are very convenience to carry out,
Unlike a large pot no smaller packaging design,
Work or go out to use,
Simple and health.


Children eat on a happy grin,
Taste a bit like Yakult,
Fine powder.


Children very curious,
Just eat something in the end,
Parents fear children eat,
Illness or allergies and so on,
LCH now lactobacillus let children self-motivated,
I like to drink milk,
The day of the amount of milk to eat,
Full drank light.


Watch children carefully LCH products like lactic acid,
I heard my mother commentary,
LCH feel full of lactic acid bacteria is not the same place.
In fact, not only is the child,
If the comparison is not so smooth adult poo,
Eat a bag to see,
We will find the next day going to the toilet very fun,
For busy office workers to accelerate supplement nutritional needs.