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LCH collagen imported from Japan with original package ~ we can’t be forever young and beauty, but w

LCH collagen imported from Japan with original package ~

we can’t be forever young and beauty, but with the skin cared by LCH collagen, the appearance is kept as the very first time you try it.


I ever tried the LCH lactobacillus (please click the link) and had good impression on it.

My baby is four years old next month; it is time for me, as a mom to take good care of my skin.




The story of the picture ~ we can’t be forever young and beauty,

but with the skin cared by LCH collagen,

the appearance is kept as the very first time you try it.

Every women chasing for forever young and beauty, therefore,

aesthetic medicine is popular these days, yet, I am not keen on it. I prefer taking care my skin by nature,

such as eat nature food or the supplements extracted by natural ingredient.


Collagen powder is hot these years. Everyone knows that collagen is good to maintain your skin full of elasticity.

Yet, every girl tends to be slim and no one would like to eat pork knuckle or anything greasy to get not only collagen but also fat.

Therefore, collagen powder is here for you.


Highlight of the picture: sharing with you the LCH collagen power,

imported from Japan with original package.




Highlight of the picture: the back of the package

As it is imported from Japan with original package,

the Japanese letters shown on the pack, don’t worry about it, there is Chinese interpretation also.



Highlight of the picture: the advantage and relevant information of the LCH collagen powder.

LCH collagen powder is extracted by 100% fish skin lived in deep sea,

without any additive. It needs 300kgs fish meat to refine 10kgs fish skin and extract 1kg collagen. No wonder it is so precious.



Highlight of the picture: re-sealable package

 A small spoon (around 3 to 5gram) daily. Serve for 43 day a pack.



Highlight of the picture: show you a spoon of LCH collagen powder

LCH believe that the real beauty is developed by nature from deep inside.

A spoon of collagen powder daily helps you develop your beauty.

The collagen powder is superior supplement yet low calorie.

It takes merely one minute daily and get only the beauty, health without burden.


Highlight of the picture: super fine powder, easily to be absorbed by body.



It is simple to be eaten. You can just put the powder into mouth directly.

I licked only a little and was originally assume it might be full of fish stink. It seems ok with the lick,

and seriously ate a full spoon, found basically it was flavorless. It is fine powders inside mouth then melts and disappears.


For the person doesn’t like the feeling of dry powder inside your mouth,

could add it into all kinds of liquid, such as water, juice, milk or soup even cuisine. As it is flavorless, there is no impact on the food’s taste.


The following pictures show you the process of LCH collagen powder be added into grape juice. 


Highlight of the picture: took a small spoon of LCH collagen powder


Highlight of the picture: added into juice


Highlight of the picture: powder floated on top of the surface




Highlight of the picture: stired slightly



Highlight of the picture: good drink with icy cold


Highlight of the picture: fish stink free




Highlight of the picture: so yummy, bottom up!

Summer, is time for drinking icy cold beverages

What an enjoyment drinking icy cold drink in hot weather.

The collagen is put in my kitchen, it is convenient whenever I took a cup and add a spoon of collagen powder.

It is simply few second, and gets the beauty. Once again,

I have to emphasize that do not ask me how it taste like

, it is just simply grape juice. Since it is flavorless,

no matter what kinds of drink or food it be added into, there is no impact on the taste.



Drinking LCH collagen powder every single day will help you improve your physiology and get your skin moisturized,

bright and full of elasticity by lasting supplement. One minute daily,

cherish yourself is so easy. Be a natural beauty woman, to be bright and shine all the time.

If you are interested, the following link for your reference